Our tale...

Some Mexican tribes presented a storyteller as a man made out of thousands of little men that came out of his mouth and all of them told stories.

The Huitotos and many other Colombian tribes used to gather their community in their festivities and the Jaibaná narrated their people’s legends in heritage, these put them in touch with their gods for two or three days in between Casabe. The Yagé, the dances, the feathers and the drums.

Oral narration is the art of pure and traditional conversation, to pay tribute to the memory of our ancestors and their people.


Production Team

Over 10 years developing the art of oral narration in Costa Rica.


They say that when he first opened his eyes the World fell in love with him. That he started speaking when he was 9 months old and he started walking when he was 10 months old to tell stories to his neighbors. No snake would dare to bite him because he has the antidote for the worst ills and they also say that he invented a tale-antidote for the ills of the soul.


Producer and storyteller, but above all, a good story (and pepper) lover. They assure that he’s crazy, but no one has presented proofs. He has been telling stories ever since he has use of reason and vice versa. According to Navarro, he has never cooked without chili, but no one has proofs of that either.

Legal Representative

Professional Yogi, a word vocation which moved him to organize Puro Cuento’s first edition which was formerly called: «San José La Fiesta del Cuento»


Only child, that explains a lot. An aquarium with a free and ungovernable soul. Forgets intentionally to get surprised again. Extremely curious and direct. A detail photographer that looks for stories to be moved by. Her soul gets overwhelmed by poetry. With her extravagances she had a lot of stories to tell so she decided to give storytelling a shot. She has drama running through her veins, her mother says. So, she took advantage of it.

Graphic Designer

I don’t only design, but I also transfer feelings and sensations. I love animals and there’s room in my heart for all creatures on Earth. Tell me what you feel, sometimes I’m also a soul doctor, because there must always be someone out there who listens without judging. Thank you for existing, you might be someone’s inspiration at some time.

Content Creator

A certain legend says that he was chosen by the Eye that sees it all to document everything that occurs on Earth. His passion is recording and editing videos. He has had experiences with acting and writing. He’ll be wherever someone that documents is needed.


Woman, black, Costa Rican, from southern San José, in her fifties, mother, wife, grandmother and incredible in scene. Pure talent.


She hasn’t discovered yet in what she’s good at, she describes herself as “the nosy one” because she involves herself in everything. She arrived as stray cat one night when she realized that there are other ways in which art can enlarge your heart.

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