2019 | Word of Woman – Costa Rica

Diego Lasso talks in this edition of Festival Puro Cuento about Costa Rican women (Yolanda Oreamuno and Chavela Vargas) in the past and how they were silenced in their homeland and were exiled in Mexico due to their political position and the way they expressed their art. Two women who went into exile, in their […]

2018 | Speech Authorized by the Inquisition

This is an edition dedicated to public spaces, which are the heart of our community. Because public spaces are yours!   Humankind in the last 50 years has been flooded with “progress” and a “successful future”. It has entered like a hurricane without good sun and aggressive winds, destroying such daily and human habits:  Such as […]

2021 | Resilience is a Word – Costa Rica

A planet that is warming without control, that has lost half of its biodiversity in less than 80 years, due to the “intelligent” human activity, when its evolution has involved almost 5 billion years towards its vital charm. An economy that excludes possibilities and privileges great fortunes, a present flooded with more intense winters and […]

2020 |  Word of Woman – Mexico

The “Palabra de Mujer” Festival (Word of Woman Festival) emerged a year ago from the need to give voice and recognition to women through different artistic expressions. Its predecessor is the Puro Cuento Festival, founded in Costa Rica three years ago. It was not until last year that the organizers decided to give it a […]

2017 | No More Talking

The 2017 edition had the purpose to raise awareness about the negative impact that human beings are causing to the environment and extensively compared our daily routine with the multiple problematics the world is facing such as the extinction of species, the waste and lack of potable water, the social crisis related to the lack […]

2016 | Eduardo Galeano and his Memories of Fire

This edition of Festival Puro Cuento is oriented to the works of Eduardo Galeano. To read Eduardo Galeano is to be influenced with his criticism, fire, rebellion, contrary to the self-absorbed congestion of vehicles that choke our daily life. Memories of Fire (Memorias de Fuego) is an artery that takes us to the heart of […]

2015 | Reading a story is a solitary act

Diego Lasso narrates that reading a story is a solitary act that throws you to the couch, to the street platform, to the bed. And if it’s good, it doesn’t let you breathe or expel you from this predictable everyday life, mounted on the written pages of other possible worlds. If someone else tells you […]

2014 | Let us tell you a tale!

Diego Lasso describes in this edition of Festival Puro Cuento that gossiping is better when someone tells you a gossip in real life, without using any digital device or social media. He extensively explains that through gossiping we human beings express our nature and the ability to use specific oral techniques to keep the audience […]

2013 | A New Start

Diego Lasso explains in the summary of this edition how storytelling could make the audience believe what the storyteller is trying to communicate to them. Either it is true or false, a good performance will make the audience happy to deceive them with stories, to steal their time, to take them out of reality and […]

2010 | Opening comic stories

There are paths in life that go through stories and others that go through comedy. The luckiest ones intertwine. In this edition, a total of 15 activities took place in different public spaces: universities, outside buildings, and the National Cultural Center (CENAC). 

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