For Crazy People Only

Get ready for an extraordinary narrative experience with the packageFor Crazy People Only“! This package is aimed for brave individuals willing to embrace creativity and limitless humor. From absurd tales to extravagant stories, this package will take you on a narrative journey full of surprises and uncontrollable laughter. Join this select group ofcrazy people” and discover that the magic of oral storytelling lies in its ability to surprise and make us laugh without limits. 


For Crazy People Only



In exchange for your help, you will receive:

Credits on Website and Final Video: Your contribution will be acknowledged with credits on the Puro Cuento Festival’s website and in the final video, recognizing your valuable support. 

Special 15-Year edition merchandise: Receive a commemorative item celebrating 15 years of stories, such as socks, a magic mug, or a donor’s T-shirt. 

Two Existing Merchandise Items: Choose from a selection of existing festival merchandise, including a mug, shirt, or coaster, as an additional token of appreciation for your support. 

Premium Access to All Events: Enjoy exclusive and premium access to all festival events, ensuring you have a front-row seat to the most imaginative shows. 

Your contribution not only supports the festival but also grants you a rich array of benefits to enhance your storytelling experience. 

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