Get ready for an extraordinary narrative experience with the package “Metamorphosis”! This package is for those brave individuals willing to be carried away by adventure, as they will live the complete experience of the Festival’s tourist package designed especially for foreign visitors that includes: 





In exchange for your help, you will receive:

– Warm Costa Rican Welcome: Begin your journey with a special welcome ceremony, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

– Spanish Language Immersion: Enhance your Spanish language skills with five 2-hour classes taught by a native Spanish teacher.

– Find Your Inner Zen with Unlimited Yoga: Cultivate balance and tranquility through unlimited yoga classes at “Yoga Mandir” in Barrio Escalante in March 2024.

– Explore San José’s Cultural Gems: Embark on a captivating cultural tour of San José, discovering hidden gems and immersing yourself in the city’s rich heritage.

– Unleash Your Artistic Spirit: Participate in a variety of cultural events, including the Art City Tour, Midday Theater, and “Transitarte” Summer National Festival.

– Disconnect in Heredia’s Lounges: Immerse yourself in Heredia’s vibrant nightlife, exploring local lounges and experiencing the lively atmosphere of the city.

– Escape to the Pristine Beaches of Puerto Viejo, Limón: Discover the captivating beauty of Puerto Viejo, Limón, with a relaxing beach tour.

– Immerse Yourself in Festival Celebrations: Experience the electrifying energy of Costa Rican festivals, enjoying all the show’s performances along with a companion.

– Luxurious Accommodation and Delicious Cuisine: Stay in the heart of San José at Hotel Ara Macao, tasting delicious meals and enjoying comfortable facilities.

– Make a Difference – Caribbean Beach Cleanup: Contribute to environmental conservation by participating in a beach cleanup initiative on the Caribbean coast.

– Venture into the Nicoya Blue Zone: Discover the secrets of longevity by visiting the Blue Zone in Nicoya, Guanacaste, known for its exceptional quality of life.

– Multilingual storytelling experience: Enjoy listening to stories in Spanish, English, and Portuguese language.

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