Children’s Megaphone 2021

2021 | Proyecto enlace UCR

Children’s Megaphone started as a university project from the course Pedagogical Paradigms of the Preschool Education program at the University of Costa Rica with the purpose of creating spaces for reflection exclusively for children to contribute to the national and international educational community through raising awareness of boys and girls’ thoughts about the environment, life and flow. 

We want to strengthen the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by promoting non-formal educational spaces where children could express themselves freely and give their opinion, exercising their right to be heard and be understood as active and participatory citizens. 

Behind an answer there is always a whole world built by own experiences and own experiences. Everyone is different, but at the same time we all belong to a single humankind. We are “people” and that, in itself, makes us incredible. 

Let’s listen to what the girls and boys could tell us because what they say is also a serious thing! 

First season

Second season

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