Literary Fantasy For An Empowered Youth

2022 | Iberbibliotecas / IAFA

The project “Literary Fantasy For An Empowered Youth” seeks to offer safe environments and spaces to youngsters with psychoactive substance use problems who use the services provided by the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA). Through reading, art and culture, the main goal is to generate support in their recovery process. The activities will be carried out by the “Puro Cuento Festival” Foundation, that will develop social artistic workshops. 

The program is designed for 3 training sessions of 7 sessions each, lasting 1:30 hours each session, in person, where youngsters will be taught writing expression tools, oral narration and arts, such as gesticulation, voice usage, body expression, mimics among others. 

From the writing processes, the stories will be extracted that will be told by themselves on stage in a play. Their sensitivity, their critical thinking and their way of seeing the world will be reflected in the stories. 

With the stories that will be told in the different meetings and the planned activities, a show will be made that links the participants and their families, where they are counted as beings belonging to the environment and are thought of as resilient people with a future for them. 

With their stories, we will talk about roots, cultural heritage, idiosyncrasy and resilience. 

The same youngsters will design and elaborate the scenery for the presentations. A makeup workshop will also be held with them so that they can better learn this art for the stage and so that they can do it themselves before the performances. 

The collected stories will be philologically corrected and illustrated for the publication of a digital book which will serve as support to institutions or people who wish to work on artistic themes with young people in social vulnerability due to drugs. 

Finally, at the conclusion of each of the 3 processes, an evaluation of the project will be carried out through a summary and reflection forum after the play. A donation of books will also be made to the Casa Jaguar and Montes de Oca Public Library libraries. 

Additionally, it will facilitate a virtual workshop aimed at public library professionals in order to provide them with tools and activities aimed at this population, based on the experience developed during the project. 

The National Library System of Costa Rica, SINAB I  through the Montes de Oca Public Library and the Bibliobús with the support of the IAFA Information and Documentation Center, will be the meeting spaces and mediators for the project to be developed. The central offices of the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and Casa Jaguar are located a few kilometers from the Public Library, so the minor beneficiaries of the project will also be able to be part of the community of users and access the services. activities and products. The Bibliobús travels the country and in this case it will visit the community to provide support in the development of the project. 

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