“Puro Cuento” Math

2021 | Proyecto enlace UCR

“Puro Cuento” Math is a unique and enriching show that combines the magic of mathematics with narrative art. This captivating performance seeks to promote the learning of logical-mathematical notions through stories and the ability to narrate aimed to preschool and primary education teachers. The “Puro Cuento” Math project, which was developed by the “Puro Cuento Festival” Foundation, has a main objective to impact the educational field, allowing teachers to share the lessons learned and experiences acquired with other colleagues and students, becoming a knowledge multiplier effect. 

In this show, the mathematical artist and their assistant merge a master class with a dynamic craft workshop, creating an interactive and fun environment that facilitates the understanding of mathematical concepts. In addition, it includes mathematical stories that transport the audience to a magical world where numbers come to life. To enrich the bibliographic material used in the project, two books are recommended: “The Simpsons and Mathematics” and “Oral Storytelling in the Context of the Mathematics Classroom.” 

The goal of “Puro Cuento” Math is to demonstrate that mathematics can be exciting and accessible to everyone. By combining oral storytelling, artistic creativity, and the exploration of mathematical concepts, this show provides teachers with an innovative teaching methodology and students’ interest in mathematics. Discover how letters and numbers can become best friends in “Puro Cuento” Mathematics! 

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