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Puro cuento in Transitarte 2024

Saturday March 16

Sunday March 17

“Festival Puro Cuento” and “Festival de Verano Transitarte” are two cultural events that take place in San José, Costa Rica. The first one is an oral storytelling festival that has been organized since 2002, and the second one is a festival that involves arts, music, and visual arts that has been taking place since 2008.

The alliance between the two festivals dates from many years, around 2008 when both events were new in their respective types. Storytelling sessions initially took place on the latters of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal building, a wonderful space that we believe arts should reclaim. Subsequently, the festival moved to Parque España (Spain Park) in 2009, Jardín de Paz (Garden of Peace) in 2016, Calle 10 (10th Street) in 2017, Escuela Buenaventura Corrales (Buenaventura Corrales School) in 2019, and recently in front of the Estación del Atlántico (Atlantic Station) thanks to the Cultural Services of the Municipality of San José, which has always believed in stories and storytelling.

“Festival Puro Cuento” has presented in total more than 100 performances as part of the “Festival de Verano Transitarte”. These presentations have been enjoyed by more than 10,000 people of all ages.

Some of the artists who have performed include

International Artists

Mauricio Grande – Colombia – 2016
Jorge Torres El Diablo – Colombia – 2016
Carolina Noriega – España – 2018
María Eugenia Márquez – México – 2018
Guita Cuentacuentos – México – 2019
Charo Juglar – España – 2019
Verónica Hinojosa – Cuba – 2019
Dorling López – Nicaragua – 2019
Pamela Gutierrez – Bolivia – 2024 (coming soon)
Saulo Olmedo – Panamá – 2024 (coming soon)
Teatro Castillo Sol y Luna – Colombia – 2024 (coming soon)

National Artists

Gustavo Pelaez – Costa Rica – 2022

Choché Romano – Costa Rica – 2019

Jair Cruz – Costa Rica – 2019

Thelma Darkings – Costa Rica – 2023

Rodolfo Gonzalez – Costa Rica – 2019

Esteban Masís – Costa Rica – 2019 

José M. Martinez – Costa Rica – 2023

Mildred Brenes – Costa Rica – 2022

Katherine Marchena – Costa Rica – 2022

Nos vemos en

La tarima Ring de Boxeo, Estación del Atlántico

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