“Full of Tales” Family

“Full of Tales” Festival Foundation

20 years ago, these dreamers met to tell stories to each other. Nowadays, they create artistic spaces that include social criticism in their activities to support education in vulnerable communities. We strongly believe that art can save lives. That is why we provide spaces for communion.
Welcome to the “Full of Tales” Festival | Let them tell you a story! because… Dreaming has no limits!


Promote the fundamental right to access to cultural growth to the worldwide population, access to get in touch with art and human roots while promoting tolerance, dialogue and respect for all civilizations in the world. Protect the right to know more about the cultural roots of the communities, commitment to perceiving diversity as a fundamental role in the political construction of a more inclusive and participative society for its inhabitants.


Organize all types of cultural meetings to ensure the artistic, social and educational rights that every society and community deserve, in order to seek and provide sufficient public knowledge. Promote the right to know about human roots and traditions of communities and advocate for the roots of congregations as a fundamental factor for human development. 


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