Public speaking techniques

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Wednesday, January 11 | 18:00

*Central American Time.


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Public speaking techniques

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There are times in life when words stick in our throat or suddenly the perfect phrase comes to us for the discussion that happened a few hours ago.

Maybe you think that being in public is not your thing… Forget all that and learn about the economy of language with the Puro Cuento Foundation.

The duration of the process is 7 sessions, one session per week, always at the same time, Mondays starting in September.

During the course we will see: diction, gesticulation, voice management, use of hands, emotions in speech.

Learn to be Pure Story!


Course program:

Class 1 – Scenario and how to act in it

Class 2 – Leaders

Class 3 – Magic box

Class 4 – Youtuber for one hour

Class 5 – Credibility

Class 6 – Scene to communicate effectively

Class 7 – Pitch and closing of the workshop


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