Itinerant and Playful Caravans

2023 | Parque la Libertad / in collaboration with HulaHuleando

Overall Objective 

To promote the comprehensive development of children aged 0 to 12 in childcare centers affiliated with Redcudi in Costa Rica through playful, literary, and cultural activities. 

Characteristics and Benefits of the Cultural Product (Service of the Project): 

The cultural product or service of the project consists of a set of playful and cultural activities to be carried out in 10 events (4 hours each) in childcare centers affiliated with Redcudi in Costa Rica. The activities are divided into three stages: 

Stage 1 (0 to 4 years old): Reading stimulation skills. 

Stage 2 (4 to 8 years old): Playful activities that enhance motor skills. 

Stage 3 (8 to 12 years old): Playful game activities to improve soft skills. 

The project’s benefits include:

  1. Comprehensive development of children: Playful and cultural activities contribute to the development of motor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills in children.
  2. Promotion of reading: Reading stimulation activities that promote an interest in reading and language development.
  3. Improvement of soft skills: Playful game activities that contribute to the development of empathy, problem-solving, and creativity.

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