Words that Connect Us

2021 | Spanish Cultural Center in Costa RicaNicaragua  and El Salvador / Germen Nicaragua

Exchanging a warm hug through our Central American history 

“Puro Cuento Festival” Foundation (FPC) presents the “Words that Connect Us” project to offer a virtual and scenic space among Central Americans youngsters and as a result create synergy for future face-to-face meetings. 

General objective 

Link young people from Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador through storytelling with theatrical tools to establish the beginning of the first group of united Central American oral narrators. 

Specific objectives

  1. Provide performing and writing tools to young people from 3 Central American countries.
  2. Present a virtual show where participants tell the stories written in the workshop.
  3. Create a reflective and experiential space,to promote harmony and peace among Central American inhabitants.

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