2016 | Eduardo Galeano and his Memories of Fire

This edition of Festival Puro Cuento is oriented to the works of Eduardo Galeano. To read Eduardo Galeano is to be influenced with his criticism, fire, rebellion, contrary to the self-absorbed congestion of vehicles that choke our daily life. Memories of Fire (Memorias de Fuego) is an artery that takes us to the heart of Latin America with its legends, characters, towns, dreams, corn, potatoes, jaguars, hummingbirds, owls and even the history of Yerba Mate. Which is born when the moon sails along the Paraná River and illuminates your enthusiasm to share with a hand mate in hand, sip by sip that Guaraní drink, which celebrates the word, the camaraderie and the spirit of the day. 

Today, we do not share a physical greeting, the verb, or the enthusiasm. We are virtual even to express anger and laughter. 

And within this work, we find our true faces, not those of official and chronological history, but the one that fills us with enlightenment and incites us to doubt, which is the beginning of knowledge. 

Diego Lasso 

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