2018 | Speech Authorized by the Inquisition

This is an edition dedicated to public spaces, which are the heart of our community. Because public spaces are yours!  

Humankind in the last 50 years has been flooded with “progress” and a “successful future”. It has entered like a hurricane without good sun and aggressive winds, destroying such daily and human habits: 

Such as the healthy habit of sleeping without restlessness. To take a nap in the afternoon without any guilt of wasting time. To talk to children under the natural voice of parents hungry for stories to share fragments of life and affection. 

Already outside the house, they have cut down trees to increase the orgy of cables that hang from gray and sad poles, where the blood of his technological achievements now circulates. And without intending to, this humanity has already completed half a century of technological developments and advances, under the direction of its most brilliant minds. It produces tales so terrifying that they would far surpass the macabre imagination of horror literature. 

Diego Lasso explains in this text the multiple issues we are experiencing as society because of the lack of importance we give to environmental causes and how indifferent our society is towards the alterations humankind has caused to the planet.   

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