2019 | Word of Woman – Costa Rica

Diego Lasso talks in this edition of Festival Puro Cuento about Costa Rican women (Yolanda Oreamuno and Chavela Vargas) in the past and how they were silenced in their homeland and were exiled in Mexico due to their political position and the way they expressed their art. Two women who went into exile, in their own reality and left with the reckless treachery of lacking borders and social conventions towards the artistic and cultural kaleidoscope of Mexico in the first decades of the 20th century. Lasso states that writing is a provocation. It lacks gender and like the magic of natural diversity, it exceeds liberated alternatives, but these women were criticized and died far away from their homeland because of their freedom of speech. This edition and space was dedicated to female storytellers and made visible their thoughts and what they had to say to the audience. 

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