2021 | Resilience is a Word – Costa Rica

A planet that is warming without control, that has lost half of its biodiversity in less than 80 years, due to the “intelligent” human activity, when its evolution has involved almost 5 billion years towards its vital charm. An economy that excludes possibilities and privileges great fortunes, a present flooded with more intense winters and less drinking water, with more gray concrete around and less green to breathe with dignity. We drown in anxiety and the planet blurs, erasing that blue that makes it special in the vast universe. But on social networks everyone is happy and everyone has friends. And they breathe the pure oxygen of algorithms. 

It remains in the dignity of silence to take the reins of true actions to make life an art.  

Storytellers from Costa Rica and Latin America, we invite you to disobey as far as possible, to shake off fear, to penetrate with curiosity and enthusiasm the forests that still survive, the landscapes that have not yet been altered, to leave this sick society in oblivion. These hypocrisies and euphemisms with which they vaccinate us to die with an antigenic and pharmaceutical smile. 

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