2022 | The Last Children of the Forest

For the Puro Cuento Festival in its (14th) edition, which is already a miracle of artistic persistence, becoming the First Festival with bare Carbon Neutral words in Central America, fills us with joy and also with an ecological and educational commitment. The purpose is to teach younger generations the importance of decreasing the Carbon footprint and forget about social media and other secondary activities that harm the environment.
We then become the photosynthesis of art.
In compost of ideas to plant more fertile lands.
In the future urban gardens, where each story told exudes the aroma of ginger, oregano, and mint.
In recycling so much plastic in the neurons of some and in planting better ones neural synapses of forest and sea of the stories we tell.
We will become reforestation festival of the Little Prince’s baobab trees, to teach this generation that being children and playing to be children, we will change the vehicular smoke of seriousness to the pure air that the spring of the jacarandas expels and the smile of thousands of bicycles conquering the public and green space of the global ecological festival.

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